Bringing You the Best Brands

Unique Beauty was founded in 2016, it started as just a small online shop that sold a couple of our favourite brands, we couldn’t believe how much the business started to grow and before we knew it we were selling to all over Europe.

We started off selling some cult products that we couldn’t find easily in the UK. These were American beauty brands that were mentioned by many influencers on Instagram and YouTube. They seemed like amazing products that celebrities were using and we wanted in. So in the very beginning we spoke to a few brand ambassadors and got a couple of deals with brands like Laura Mercier. We were the first retailers in the UK to have stocked these types of makeup and skincare products, and as you can imagine it took off very well. We now stock over 100 brands from all over the globe, but we are sticking to our guns, we only choose products that are fan favourites, best sellers that we would have loved to have owned back in 2016.

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Where are we Heading?

As we continue to build our luxury portfolio of brands, we are constantly adapting to and welcoming new trends in the industry. With more organic, vegan beauty brands constantly coming to the market more than ever before, we can ensure that your skin, hair and bodycare is in great hands. We have everything to suit every individual beauty need and concern.

Unique Beauty is driven by a desire to create the ultimate customer experience. As we continue to widen access to premium beauty, we want to empower men and women all over the world and become a huge influence in the beauty movement. As we are dedicated to delivering the very best in beauty, we also have social media platforms, where you can be kept up to date with all of the new and upcoming brands and products that we will stock in the future. Whatever your beauty concern or question, we have a bank of educational content to help you with all of your unique beauty needs.

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